Our Projects

Projects list and overview

  • Construction of Grozniy – Baku underwater crossing of mainline products pipeline, of 700 diameter, 193 km over the Shura-Ozen river (over-water length)
  • Construction of helicopter deck with subterranean road near Krasnodarskiy settlement.
  • Reconstruction of railroad overpass in the city of Makhachkala.
  • Oil and gas gathering from well no. 6 of Kutuzovskiy oil field.
  • Oil and gas gathering from well no. 212 of Zapadno-Bulkunovskiy oil field.
  • Oil and gas gathering from well no. 205 of Vozdvizhenskiy oil field.
  • Oil and gas gathering from well no. 41 of Checherskiy oil field.
  • Oil and gas gathering from well no. 105 of Verkhne-Gaiskiy oil field.
  • Construction of terminal complex on the Black Sea coast, near Kabardinka settlement, Krasnodar Region.
  • Construction of on-site storage for fuel oil in the city of Novorossiysk.
  • Construction of gasoline station for internal requirements in the village of Starominskaya.
  • Construction of Karskaya transformer plant PS 35/6kW with oil-cooled transformer-2500/35. Replacement of power electric transformers. Technical re-equipment.
  • Technical re-equipment of central warehouse of administrative and engineering building of "Volzhskiy Podvodnik" OJSC.
  • Additional outfit of "Afipskaya" washing and steaming station of the North Caucasian railroad.
  • Construction of sports and shopping center in the city of Novorossiysk.
  • Engineering supportof gambling zone "Azov City" of total area 150 ha in Sherbinskiy district of Krasnodarskiy kray.
  • Construction of fuel oil terminal in Novorossiysk city, Krasnodarskiy kray
  • Construction of aircraft filling station for extension of airport first construction phase in Gelendzhik city, Krasnodarskiy kray.
  • Modernization of aircraft fuel-lubes site of JSC "Krasnodar International Airport".
  • Modernization of oil tank farm facility of CJSC “TNK Yug” in Rostov region
  • Modernization of western area jetty №5 of JSC "Novorossiyskiy sea port", Krasnodarskiy kray
  • Modernization of oil store of LLC "Lukoil-Yugnefteproduct" in Staromaryevskaya village, Stavropolskiy kray.
  • The Reloading complex on transfer mineral oil through port Yeysk – Port - Vista
  • Modernization of oil transfer facility of JSC "IPP", Novorossiysk city, Krasnodarskiy kray
  • Construction of methanol transfer terminal in Azov city and facility extension for additional transfer of virgin naphtha up to 400 thous tones / year; diesel fuel
  • Constructionof tank V=10000 m3for the storage of fuel located in territory of limited company "Afipskiy oil refining factory"
  • Constructionof tanks V=5000 m3under diesel fuel,tanks V=5000 m3 under gasolinein territory of limited company "Afipskiy oil refining factory".
  • Reconstruction of an existing complex of limited company "ТТDХ" (Yeysk, Krasnodar territory) on overload of bulk and food cargoes under overload of mineral oil (black oil M-100)
  • Construction of cement discharge facility for truck tank cars for "Pervomayskiy" cement plant, Novorossiysk city
  • Connection of tanks RGUP "Dagnefteprodukt" to the main oil pipeline "Grosniy – Baku"
  • Construction along line Electric Line gas pipe of Mozdok-Kazimagomed (PK-478 - PK-665)
  • Construction of gas pipe - tap to village Botlih, area of Botlih of Dagestan Republic
  • Modernization of main gas and oil pipelines and communication lines protection of LLC "Kubangazprom" during reconstruction of M-4 "Don" highway, 1358-1363 km,
  • Designing of shelter for installation of compressed air, an estimation and preparation of the decision on system of lightning security for video cameras of system of video of supervision and the columns of illumination located on perimeter КС "Beregovaya" (the pipeline "The Blue stream")
  • Thermostatic shelter of GMS on CS "Beregovaya"
  • Major overhaul of underwater transitions of main gas pipes PHG-Armavir and Alexandrovskaya-Leningradskaya through the river Urup
  • Reconstruction of a gas pipe of a high pressure and GRS in settlement Ilskiy, Krasnodar territory
  • Oil and gas gathering from well №5 of Shapkinsk oilfield
  • Oil and gas gathering from well №603,403 Yugansk oilfield
  • Oil and gas gathering from well № 202,203, Erkulsk oilfield
  • Arrangement of Ust-CHekupsk of an oil deposit
  • Reconstruction of energy supply of a ferry in port "Caucasus" Temruk area
  • Illuminationofroadsandterritoriesofamarinainport "Caucasus" Temruk   area
  • Transferchemical cargoes in port Temruk. The temporary scheme of pouring benzol from tankers in railway tanks of limited company "Roskhimtrade"
  • Reconstruction of vertical stock tank 700 m3 №5 for oil processing and pumping Severo-Asfaltoviy Kluychevoy oilfields, Apsheronskiy region,
  • Major overhaul of oil group installation of №19 squares. Dish, Goryachiy Kluch
  • The Sea reloading complex of limited company "Roskhimtrade". Development the bases under constructions and the equipment
  • Coorection of a building part of two railway overpasses on 52 cars of object: « Reconstruction 632 warehouses of combustible Northern fleet in a village Mokhnatkina Pakhtaof Murmansk area
  • Unit of pouring and compound of fuel in area of item Nikolaevka in Samara territory
  • Construction of residential building (350 apt) in Anapa city, Trudyaschikhsya st. 2V
  • Reconstruction of a building of office of limited company "KNAUF MARKETING KRASNODAR" Krasnodar
  • The storage of fruits on 5000 tons in stanitsa Novomalorossiskaya of area Vyselkovskiy of Krasnodar territory
  • Base of rest on 30 places "Termika" in village Lermontovo area Gelendzhik of Krasnodar territory
  • The Multifunctional complex with elements of housing construction and underground parking place in Moscow
  • Modular building for workers of contract organizations on CS "Beregovaya
  • Reconstruction of dormitory and small hotel in the area of summer camp "Schastlivoye detstvo", Anapa city
  • Reconstruction of the filling station in Krasnodar territory
  • Development of "Plan of liquidation of emergencies » and « the Plan of liquidation of emergency pourings of mineral oil"

«Terra-Yug» - quality, professionalism, trust


ООО «Terra-Yug» is one from the best institutes in the South of Russia. Wear realizing engineering surveys as well as developing of projects of any complexity and designation, from projection of oil and gas sector’s facilities to projects industrial-civilian designation, diverse constructions, non-residential premises and public spaces.

We realize also construction design supervision.

Our company involves creative team of highly skilled professionals with wide experience projecting and surveying sphere. Permanent widening and perfecting of material and technical resources and stuff development allowed in record-breaking time to establish ourselves as a leader on a project’s market share.

Meeting of the Board of Directors in Krasnodar 2015

On 27.11.2015 OOO “Terra-Yug” participated on the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the City of Krasnodar by the mayor of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov.

In the course of 61st meeting the head of...

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Recertification audit 2015

OOO “Terra-Yug” confirmed successfully in the course of recertification audit on 28.09.2015 its conformity with standard ISO 9001:2008 through certification authorities TÜV SÜD...
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Сonference «small and medium enterprise development in Krasnodar region»

On 28th of July 2015 OOO “Terra-Yug” participated in the Conference by governor of Krasnodar region devoted to questions of small and medium enterprise development in Krasnodar region.


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